Allergy is considered a natural process of our body. When external particles enter our body due to air, food or any other reason, our body generates allergies. Sometimes this allergic reaction is common, and sometimes it reaches a complicated state. To prevent this reaction, it is necessary to use some medicines that stop and stop this reaction. Evil injection is the drug used in this allergic reaction. When our body has an allergic reaction, many symptoms start appearing. Evil injection usually proves to be quite useful in those symptoms.

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What is Avil Injection?

This injection is usually a drug to eliminate the allergic reaction. It is mainly used in fever, runny nose, sore throat, skin rashes, swelling, etc. All these symptoms, which are mainly due to allergic reaction.

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Active ingredient in Avil injection.

The active ingredient present in this injection is pheniramine, usually available in 22.7 mg. It is also available in more powers. It is decided according to the doctor, how many mg injections you will need.

Uses of Avil injection.

  • Avil injection is considered to be a superior drug used to treat symptoms caused by allergies.
  • This injection is mainly used to eliminate allergies in high fever.  In which symptoms are mainly runny nose, sore throat.
  • Avil injection can be used in all symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis.
  • Allergies due to some type of insect bite. They usually cause swelling, skin rash, burning, etc. Those injections are also used by doctor’s advice.
  • In some cases, motion sickness also proves to be very beneficial, although it does not cure motion sickness, but helps to relieve the symptoms that appear in them.

How does work Avil injection?

 This injection mainly helps to eliminate the symptoms caused by allergies. Symptoms usually caused by allergies are swelling, skin rashes, sore throat and some serious problems. Evil injection inhibits the process of histamine produced in our body, due to which the process of histamine is reduced, and allergy is eliminated.

Side effects of Avil injection.

Some side effects have also been observed with the use of this injection, although in some cases its side effects are mild and common, and in some cases there may be a severe reaction to this injection. In some cases its side effects affect our body for a few hours. On the other hand when the side effects are severe, and affect your everyday life, you may need to contact your doctor.

In some cases some severe allergic reaction has been seen with Evil injection. If this happens, it is advisable to contact your nearest medical center immediately. However, this is very unlikely.

Common and some serious side effects from Evil Injection are described below.

  • Drowsiness
  • Excessive sleep
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in urination


  • It is advised to use the injection as per doctor’s advice and in front of the doctor.
  • Side effects of sleepiness and drowsiness appear after taking these injections. Therefore it is not advisable to drive, use heavy machinery after getting injections.
  • Evil injection is advised not to be used in children, it may cause various side effects in children.
  • Its injection is a prescription medicine. You can get its tablet form without any introduction.

Substitute of Avil injection.

If your pharmacist does not have an avil injection available, or the place where you live is not available with an avil injection, other brands may also be used. The active ingredients found in it are absolutely normal. Its brand names are different.

Dosage of Avil Injection

  • Use of this injection without a doctor is not recommended.
  • The dose of this injection depends mainly on your illness, what amount of injections you will be administered.
  • If the complication of the disease is less, it is advisable to take 1 injection daily according to the doctor.
  • It is advisable not to use this injection in high doses. This injection may increase the problem of confusions and excess sleep due to excessive use.
  • If you see any problem due to overdose then contact your nearest doctor immediately.

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The dose

Miss dose: If the missed dose is missed and after some time the missed dose can be used. But the missed dose cannot be used when the second dose arrives. It is advisable not to use both doses of this medicine at the same time.

Overdose: Side effects of this medicine have been observed when overdose. Therefore, do not use this medicine in high doses. If for any reason an overdose of this medicine is taken, you should immediately contact your nearest doctor.

The dosage of all medicines depends on the complexity of the disease and the age and weight of the person. If the complexity of the disease is high, the dose of medicines can also be increased. If a person is overweight, the dose of medicines can also be increased in that context.  Sometimes the dose of medicines may have to be doubled depending on the complexity of the disease and the weight of the person. For this, it is important that you contact your nearest doctor to know the complete dosage of medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Should Evil Injection be used after a few meals or on an empty stomach?

Use Avil Injection after a few meals as some side effects have been seen in its use on an empty stomach.

Q – Have side effects of Evil Injection seen in all people?

No, its side effects have not been seen in all people.  But if you see any kind of side effect, you should immediately contact your nearest doctor.