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Himalaya Gasex Tablet- Full detail

Gasesx tablet is an important medicine to eliminate and reduce the related diseases of digestive tract. Himalaya Gasex Tablet is a completely Ayurvedic Tablet. All the ingredients mixed in it are all Ayurvedic. If you have any problems related to digestion such as By consulting your doctor, you must use the Himalaya Gasex at one time.

Contents in Himalaya Gasex Tablet

Himalaya gasex tablet is an Ayurvedic tablet. All the ingredients that are mixed in it are all Ayurvedic. It is understood that the following is mixed.

Aconitum palmatum65 mg
Cowrie bhasma32 mg
Shankh bhasma32 mg
Piper nigrum19 mg
Embelia ribes22 mg
Triphala22 mg
Zingiber officinale22 mg

Manufacturer of Himalaya Gasex Tablet

Himalaya Drug Company

Gasex tablet Price

Himalaya Gasex Tablet₹ 175 for 100 tablets

Use of Himalaya Gasex tablet

Himalaya gasex is used mainly in digestive-related diseases Himalaya gasesx is also used in some diseases which are caused by stomach disturbances

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Depression
  • Chest burn
  • Acne
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Diabetes

Doses of Gasex tablet

The doses of all medicines depends on the complexity of the disease and the age and weight of the person, if the complexity of the disease is high, the dose of medicines can also be increased. If a person is overweight, then the dose of medicines can also be increased in that context. Occasionally, the complexity of diseases and the weight of the person may have to double the amount of medication. It is important that you contact your nearest doctor to know the full dose of medicines.

Any Ayurvedic medicine that has the ability to work slowly but does that work So whenever you use Ayurvedic medicines, think that it will be used for a long time. A lot of people do Ayurvedic medicines, but after a few days they start thinking that there is no benefit till now and after using them for a few days, they stop eating those medicines. It is not right that whenever you use Ayurvedic medicines with full dosage so that your ailments can completely eliminate your Ayurvedic medicines.

Side Effects of Himalaya Gasex Tablet

Himalaya gasex are an Ayurvedic medicine. All the ingredients mixed in it are all Ayurvedic, therefore some side effects have not been seen, but if you eat this tablet and you see any side effects, then you Contact your nearest doctor immediately

Frequently asked Questions

Q – Can use any other drug while using Himalaya gasex ?

Tell your doctor about the condition of your current medicines and use Himalaya gasex with advice from a doctor.

Q – Use of Himalaya Gasex tablet should be empty stomach or after eating some?

Most doctors say the use of Himalaya gasex after a meal, but tell your doctor about your situation and use this tablet as per the doctor’s instructions.

Q – How often should Himalaya gasex tablets take in a day

Gasex tablets should be used twice daily, but the condition of all patients is different, so use only its dose after consultation with your nearest therapy.

Q – How long does the Himalaya gasex tablet take?

According to our hospital patients, this tablet usually improves for two to three weeks.

Q – Himalaya gasex tablet will completely eliminate constipation?

According to the patients of our clinic, this constipation I do to some extent improve, but the Himalaya gasex will completely eliminate constipation, its evidence has not yet come

Q – Is it possible to get this addiction and habit by using this tablet?

There are very few medicines that can be used by her habit and addiction, so using this tablet will not make you addicted to any kind of gasex tablet or habit.


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