Home Remedies for gas-Eliminate old stomach gas and stomach ache

10 Easy and accurate home remedies for gas.

10 easy and accurate home remedies for gas which eliminate old stomach gas problem and stomach ache.

The formation of gas in the stomach is considered to be a normal process of digestive system. The gas formed in the stomach is mainly carried out by the same process but when this gas starts to grow in the stomach more than usual, it is considered to be the beginning of the stomach problem. If excessive amount of gas in the stomach starts to grow or the gas increases in the stomach, then it becomes necessary for a quick solution to get rid of it.

Gas in the stomach becomes during the digestive process. If your digestion process is right then the gas in the stomach is formed in normal quantities, so that no problem arises but when you consume some such foods as spicy Food, more fiber-rich food, liquor, rajma’s vegetable etc. that harm your digestive system. Some foods which can not complete their digestion process and they are unable to digest completely, due to which excess gas is started in our stomach.

 Reasons to stomach gas.

There is a lot more reason to generate more gas in the stomach like

  • Do not eat food on time
  • Do not chew food
  • Using the food that makes the gas more
  • Often in tension
  • Stomach infection
  • Constipation 
  • Digestive-related diseases, etc.

The stomach pain problem also starts due to the presence of excess gas in the stomach. People of all ages can get infected with the problem of becoming more gas in the stomach. Sometimes the problem of stomach gas in a person can also take a complex form but more people are considered to be the same disease, so people do not need to be overly disturbed because there are some home remedies that are due to your stomach gas and stomachache Can solve the problem.

Some simple and accurate home remedies for gas that you should eliminate in the problems of old stomach gas and stomach ache.

The surefire and easy home remedies for gas.

1 – Lemon and soda

If you are more troubled by the problem of stomach gas and your gas is not able to get out, then for relief from the problem of gas, you can get relief quickly. Squeeze half the lemon juice in half glass water and add a spoonful of soda to it, mix it well and drink that water. Problems of abdominal gas will be removed very soon and there will be relief in the problem of stomachache. 

2 – Sesame, camphor, cardamom, celery and black salt

If you are having a problem of stomach pain due to abdominal gas, then you should make this remedy as fast as possible. Make a powder by removing a spoon well and mix it with a pinch of camphor, cardamom powder, celery and black salt in that powder. Eat that mixture with lukewarm water. This domestic remedy eliminates the problem of stomachache and gas in the stomach.

3 – cumin and honey

Set the cumin seeds in a light flame and make a powder. Then add one spoonful of honey in a spoonful of cumin powder and use it daily after eating it. If you have gas stomachache, dysentery, chronic dysentery etc. it will be removed. .

4 – cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered an important home remedy in the problem of stomach pain due to abdominal gas. Pour cinnamon into a light flame and make a powder and use one pinch of cinnamon powder daily. You can use cinnamon in a small quantity; Cinnamon can be harmful in a large quantity. 

5 – Mint juice and lemon juice

Mix 3 spoons mint juice in half cup of water well and squeeze half lemon juice in that mixture and mix it again. Drinking this mixture slowly reduces the problem of stomach ache due to the gas.

6 – Mint, ginger, celery

People who have problems with gas and indigestion. This home remedy for them is definitely better. Boil 60 grams mint, 10 grams of ginger and 8 grams of celery all well in one glass of water. After recovering well, add half a cup of milk in it, mixed with jaggery according to the taste. This eliminates the problem of stomach gas and increases digestive power.

7 – Dana Fenugreek and Black Salt

Take 100 grams grain fenugreek in a light flame. After that grind him well and make his powder. After that add 24 grams of black salt in that powder and mix well. Eat that powder with hot water in two to two teaspoons in the morning and the gas complaint ends.

8 – Peppermint oil and sugar

Take peppermint oil from one to three drops three times a day with sugar in all the complaints of stomach like flatulence, abdominal pain, abdominal irritation, dizziness, vomiting, air stagnation etc. It feels cold with taking it in the mouth. With this home remedy, all complaints of stomach are removed.

9 – celery and big cardamom

Crush celery and thick cardamom thoroughly and boil it in water and make a decoction and filter it. Using this pinch, add a pinch of black salt and asafoetida in it. Using this, the problem of gas in the stomach ends very soon.

10 – Celery and Black Salt

If you have gas problems in the stomach, then you take black salt with celery along with light lukewarm water. Using it, stomach ache relaxes in the problem of gas becoming in the stomach and the gas gets out quickly.

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